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Hi, welcome to the Tayr testing family

Tayr [Tay-ar] is a productivity app to help you sustain and give meaning to your relationships over time. It will automatically synchronize your contacts, emails, calendar appointments and events, reminders, To-Dos (commitments), etc. Tayr provides you with a simple solution that brings all of these in one place and gives you more. The first key feature is that the app displays the commitments you have given (ToDo’s) to a contact at the time when that contact is calling you. This will enable you to be prepared to respond smartly about your commitments to questions from your contacts. The second key feature is that as soon as a call with a known contact is completed Tayr app prompts you to enter ToDo’s immediately so that they are not missed. The modern world expects you to multitask at all times. This requires you to deal with multiple persons, multiple times and on multiple days. Each of your interactions has the possibility of generating a thought, an idea, a commitment, an information exchange, etc. Tayr app provides you with the tools to capture these before, during or soon after your interactions. To make the best use of this app we urge you to permit the app to access your contacts, calendar, call log and SMS. This will enable the app to build your timeline of interactions with every contact in your address book, thereby giving you the context for your interactions. A piece of richer information about your contacts will enable you to become more productive. You will emerge smarter in your responses during your interactions. The benefits of using Tayr are: - Never miss a meeting or a commitment to your contacts - Know your contacts better as a person to build a sustained and meaningful relationship - Get the context for every interaction at your fingertips with the timeline; be prepared for your next interaction with your contacts - Get all the information about contact with minimal effort from your side

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